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We Help B2B Businesses Set up & Manage Cold Email Systems That Predictably Fill Their Pipelines With Qualified Prospects

Done For You Meetings sets up cold email systems & infrastructure within your business, so you own an asset that consistently gets you sales calls and clients.

Skip the hassle of figuring things out yourself. Use our 7 years of experience booking 5,000+ sales calls to cut the line and get better results without wasting time.

15+ years of combined Cold Email experience


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What We Offer

Email Deliverability Consulting + Management

Having issues staying out of spam? Our team can diagnose why and help fix any issues.

Cold Email Infrastructure Setup + Management

We’ll set up a system within your business that covers the A-Z of cold email, including tech, list building, scripts, & appointment setting. 

Lead List Generation Systems Setup

We’ll set up the systems and processes necessary to build high quality lists in-house.

Some of our happy clients

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Grzegorz Miroslaw, Founder Brandive.eu

Services provided: Fully managed cold email campaigns

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Nils Schneider, Co-Founder Instantly.ai

Services provided: Consulting

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Nicholas Young, Pluto Media

Services provided: Fully managed cold email campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

For most of our clients we manage campaigns for we reach out to between 3,000 to 6,000 prospects per month. The largest campaigns we manage are generally around 30,000 prospects per month.

Over 70% of all the leads we get from cold email come from the first email. Because of this we normally keep our email sequences to 2 emails. There is an exception for clients who have a small TAM, as for them we may do up to a 4 email sequence.

We can target any country in English, and on a case by case basis can do campaigns outside of English

If you currently have 10+ clients all on the same offer, it’s likely that same offer will work with cold email. The more proven and tested your offer is, the better your campaigns will do.

Feel free to check out our free training or our founder Michael’s YouTube channel.

We have worked with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500, however our average client is a 7-figure B2B company. If you’re just starting out, our training program Grow B2B is likely the best option.

We do not offer a whitelabel service, however if you want to offer cold email as a service we have a training program available which can help you get started.

Michael Gardiner - Founder and CEO

Michael Gardiner has been a serial entrepreneur for over 7 years, having built multiple successful online agencies, including one which was acquired.

Our team

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This is a conversation to get to know you, your business, and see if there is potential to help. Not everyone is a good fit, and if we decide that we can’t help you, you will still learn actionable tactics to implement on your own.

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