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How to Achieve Consistent Cold Email Bookings

You’ve launched your cold email campaign, and the initial excitement is real. But after a week or two, the bookings aren’t rolling in as expected. Sound familiar? The problem often boils down to one word: consistency.

After managing thousands of campaigns over the years, we’ve found that consistency is crucial for successful cold email campaigns. People often start a campaign, see initial negative results, and then stop too soon. This approach misses the opportunity to capitalize on prospects who respond later in the campaign.

But who are these prospects? Let’s break them down below.

The Three Types of People Who Will Book a Call

#1 Immediate Bookers

First up, we have the immediate bookers. These are the prospects who respond quickly to your outreach, usually within the first day to the first month. Think of them as your low-hanging fruit—about 25% of the people who will book a meeting fall into this category. They see your email, love it, and immediately say, “Let’s talk!”. 

However, relying solely on immediate bookers is not enough. If you stop your campaigns after just a few weeks because you only got a small number of bookings, you’re missing out on a large pool of other potential bookers.

#2 Conversational Bookers

Conversational bookers make up about 50% of the people who will eventually book a call. These prospects need some back-and-forth communication before they commit to a meeting. The process can take anywhere from the first two weeks to the second month of your campaign.

Many people fail to nurture these prospects properly. They might send an initial email and one follow-up but then give up if there’s no immediate response. The key here is persistence. Engage with the prospects, provide valuable information in follow-ups, and build a relationship. Over time, these efforts will pay off as the prospects convert into booked meetings.

#3 Inbox Cleaners

Inbox cleaners are those who take longer to respond, often booking meetings from the second month onward, even up to a year later. The group represents about 25% of your eventual bookings. They might ignore your emails at first, but when they clean out their inbox or suddenly find a need for your service, they’ll remember your outreach and book a meeting.

To capitalize on inbox cleaners, you need to run your campaigns for extended periods. If you stop after just a month, you’ll miss out on these guys.

Why Longer Campaigns Win

Here’s the deal: If you run a campaign for only 30 days, you’re mainly catching Immediate Bookers. Stretch it to 60 days, and you’ll start seeing results from Conversational Bookers. Push to 90 days, and the Inbox Cleaners come into play.

So if you run your campaigns for, let’s say six months non-stop, you’ll have a new batch of immediate bookers each month, conversational bookers from the previous months, and inbox cleaners from even earlier in the campaigns. This consistent effort results in a higher overall booking rate.

Once you’re locked in with consistent campaigns, you’ll have a lot of prospects to follow up with and it might get overwhelming. This is where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help.

Leveraging a CRM for Lead Nurturing

A critical part of a successful cold email campaign is the use of a CRM to follow up with leads. This tool helps you keep track of all your leads, follow up systematically, and nurture relationships over time.

Here are some CRM tips you can use to maximize bookings:

Track all interactions: Log every email, call, and meeting to keep a detailed history of your interactions with each prospect.

Set reminders: Use your CRM to set follow-up reminders, ensuring no lead falls through the cracks.

Segment your leads: Categorize leads based on their engagement level and tailor your follow-up strategy accordingly.

Nurture with content: Share relevant content, such as blog posts, case studies, and videos, to keep your leads engaged and provide value over time.

Follow Up on Holidays: Send personalized messages during holidays to stay top-of-mind.

Tips for Sustaining Long-Term Campaigns

Maintaining consistent cold email campaigns can be challenging, especially when you get busy with other tasks. Here are some tips to help you sustain your efforts:

  • Set realistic goals: Create a campaign schedule that you can maintain even during busy periods.
  • Automate where possible: Use email automation tools to send follow-ups and nurture sequences automatically.
  • Outsource: If managing campaigns becomes too time-consuming, consider outsourcing to a professional agency.

Key Takeaway

Consistency + Persistence = Successful cold emails

Understand the different types of responders, leverage a CRM, and keep a long-term perspective to see your bookings grow over time.

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