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Book a 1:1 Consulting Session with Michael Gardiner

Instead of “figuring out things yourself” book a 1:1  recorded consulting call with 7-year B2B prospecting veteran Michael Gardiner. On this call you can go through your outbound strategy, offer creation, sales process, or even brand building.  Book your call using the link below 👇

Current Pricing: $500 for a 1-hour 1:1 recorded consulting call

🤔 Common Questions (click to open):

Yes, the 1-hour call will be recorded and you’ll be sent the recording.

Yes, you can have up to 3 people join the consulting call. 

Sure thing – feel free to send an email to “michael@dfymeetings.com” to find a time that works for you. 

1-hour consults are great for specific questions, but if you’re looking for A-Z guidance and support, then B2B Outbound is likely a better fit for you. 

It’s a structured 90-day program with 1:1 calls, group calls and a full course. 

Book a call with my team on the B2B Outbound website to learn more. 

🤔 Curious what our clients have to say about working with us?


Grzegorz Miroslaw, Founder Brandive.eu

Services provided: Fully managed cold email campaigns

Ciaran Finn, Founder Blue Finn Media

Services provided: Consulting initially, transitioning into cold email systems development and managed campaigns

Nicholas Young, Pluto Media

Services provided: Fully managed cold email campaigns

Nils Schneider, Co-Founder Instantly.ai

Services provided: Consulting

Luke Voigt, Founder Unlock Mental Clarity

Services provided: Course module creation, group coaching, consulting, various partnership ventures

Conor Sunderland, Co-Founder Kensington Media House

Services provided: Consulting and cold email systems development

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