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3 Laws for Creating Great Cold Emails

That actually get a response!

Bruce Martinus | 1/1/2021 | 6 min read

Sending cold emails gives you the ability to connect with almost anyone you want.

But for you to actually get any form of response, it requires you to create great cold email campaigns.

Most CEOs and Founders will read every well-presented email they receive in their personal inbox, even if they don’t know the sender. That’s the difference between just an average cold email and a great cold email.

So for us to get a ton of responses from our prospects, we need to craft a compelling message.

And we can do that by following these 3 Laws…


1) Send It To The Right People

This sounds extremely basic – but you’d be surprised with how many people get this bit wrong.

Most cold email senders go for the “mud-on-the-wall” approach where they send a completely generic message to a paid contact list in bulk and pray that some emails will somehow amount to something.

This approach rarely works, and I’d probably say that it’s pretty rude to do this – especially in a time where everyone’s inbox is overloaded.

If you’re looking to reach out to clothing brands, then don’t send the email to jewellery brands. It sounds obvious, but the amount of times this one simple thing doesn’t happen is shocking.

When you’ve narrowed down on the right people to contact, you should immediately, and clearly state why you’ve chosen to get in touch with this person.

You can simply do this by stating something that you admire about their company.

2) What’s In It For Them?

If one of your ideal prospects responds positively to your cold email, it won’t be due to the fact that it benefits you.

It will be because you’ve shown that you can benefit them in some way. It’s important to make it clear from the start what your valuable offer is and why it benefits them.

The person receiving your email should benefit a whole lot more than you in this potential exchange.

If you don’t have anything that benefits the prospect you’re sending an email to, don’t hit the send button until you have something that could pique their interest.

3) Get To The Point

Most business owners, CEOs, Founders, etc., actually read more cold emails than you think.

That doesn’t mean that they have time on their hands. They are unbelievably pressed for time, so our job here is to get to the point as quickly as possible and instantly make it clear why we’re emailing them.

So we need to keep the email short, direct, clear, and well-presented. 

This means that writing in short paragraphs with lots of white space on the page is a good idea. Our goal here is for the reader to be able to quickly read through our email, and for us to waste very little of their time.

Plus, chunky paragraphs are ugly, and not many people want to read them.

Most recipients aren’t sitting at the desk when they’re reading their emails – they’re reading on their phones in the elevator, or in the toilet, or while they’re making a coffee. You get the picture, they’re always on the move.

That’s why we have no time to waste.

And finally, once we’ve got our message across – what would we like them to do next to move the conversation forward?

Are you looking for a yes or no? Are you wanting to schedule a meeting? Are you asking for permission to send them a free gift or deck?

Remember that a confused mind always says no.

So we need to be clear on what we’re asking from them, and how they can take the action we’d like them to take with as least friction as possible.

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