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5 Major Benefits Of Cold Email Marketing

Bruce Martinus | 2/25/2022 | 7 min read

The first thing that comes to mind when people think of cold emailing is that it is ‘spam’ or ‘unsolicited’. 

And while it may be true that cold emails are actually unsolicited messages, and many cold emails come across as very spammy – they also carry with it a lot of new potential opportunities for you.

With more and more people turning to cold email marketing to grow their business, does it still work? And if so, what are the actual benefits of sending cold emails to prospects?

In our opinion, cold emails still work extremely well, and we don’t think that they’re going away anytime soon. 

So with that being said, let’s take a look at the 5 major benefits of sending cold emails.


1) Prospects Can Read And Respond In Their Own Time

Unlike cold calling, cold emails allow your reader to scan through your email at their own pace. 

If your prospect is busy at the time of receiving the cold email, they are able to get back to it whenever they’re free to do so. In the case of cold calling, your prospects may have missed some important information, which may leave them confused.

And if your prospect is confused about something, they’ll always say no.

A cold email, however, gives your reader the opportunity to look at the information you’ve provided and allows them to process it in their own time – which also decreases the frustration you may cause if you’ve interrupted them with a cold call!

2) The Opportunity To Network

Whether it’s growing your business, your brand, or applying for a new job – you need the ability to network with other people. 

And cold emails give you the opportunity to do exactly that.

You’re able to reach out to prospects who have no prior knowledge of your product or service, and by simply sending emails to a list of prospects you’re able to help increase the awareness of what it is you’re offering.

Cold emails allow you to increase your list of professional contacts while also developing relationships with more of your ideal prospects.

3) No Need For Huge Budgets

Unlike many other forms of marketing, cold emails don’t deal a huge blow to your budget.

You don’t need to pay for any brand awareness campaigns on social media, Search Engine Optimization, or Pay Pay Per Click. 

Of course, there are costs associated with automation software and buying domains, but the overall costs for sending cold emails are extremely small compared to other outbound marketing methods. 

What’s more, you could even send cold emails for free, but for the best results you should consider purchasing a sending domain, email sending software, and sometimes email lists – all of which won’t break the bank!

4) Cold Emails Can Be Valuable

The main mistake that many cold emailers seem to make is they try to sell their service right from the start.

If you really want to build great relationships, you should look to provide some valuable information to your prospects concerning their main problems.

Your readers don’t know anything about you so they’re not going to buy from someone they don’t know or can’t trust. Your first email should be based on addressing problems with your prospect’s marketing and providing information on how your company can solve them. 

The following emails can be used to send relevant information like links, PDFs, and other attachments that build familiarity with your reader. Furthermore, you can’t get this level of personalization with most other marketing methods.


5) Track And Measure Everything!

To be effective with your marketing efforts in the modern-day, you’ll need the ability to track the results of your campaigns to see if what you’re doing is working or not.

There is a huge variety of software and tools readily available on the internet that help you optimize any aspect of your cold email campaigns. These tools have a huge number of features that you can effectively utilize, and seamlessly integrate with your existing software, including;

Data is crucial for marketing in the present day, and being able to track, measure, and tweak your cold email campaigns is a huge benefit to your outbound marketing.


A Quick Recap…

The major benefits of sending cold emails to build awareness for your product or service are;

  1. Your Prospects Can Read And Respond In Their Own Time
  2. You Have The Opportunity To Network 
  3. You Don’t Need A Huge Budget
  4. You Can Provide Valuable Information
  5. You Can Track And Measure Your Campaigns For Maximum Optimization


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