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Finding Your Cold Email Tone

Bruce Martinus | 1/21/2022 | 5 min read

It’s easy to just write a cold email. But what most people struggle with is writing a cold email that looks and feels personal while effectively getting their point across.

Truth is, cold emails feel impersonal and generic – and that doesn’t make any sales.

So, here’s how we can write emails that generate more responses and fewer eye rolls.

It’s a Conversation

When sending a cold email, we need to remember to write the exact same way as if we were face-to-face with our prospect.

You’re not announcing to a huge crowd here – we need to shape our message to show that we’re speaking to a prospect directly.

One of the best things about cold emailing is that you have an opportunity to brighten up your prospect’s day and have a positive impact on them.

For that reason, a nicely humoured email will leave you in a better position than an email that sounds quite aggressive and robotic.

It’s also important to remember to come across as an equal to your prospect, meaning – it’s one business owner talking to another business owner. You’re no better than them, so you should never come across as if you’re talking down a prospect – this will be detrimental to the performance of your campaigns.

Make it Personal 

One of the main reasons why personalizing a cold email is important is because it can make your prospects feel obligated to respond to you.

If you’ve shown them that you’ve done your homework and shown genuine interest in them – you’ve made an email that’s hard to ignore.

You don’t even need to go overboard on the personalization either.

Simply addressing them by their name (ideally more than once) and providing some sort of mutual connection shows that you’ve done a little bit of research on their company.

The key thing to remember here is you want to get across to your prospect that you actually care.

It’s Always a Human-to-Human Connection

The design (or lack of design!) of your email is equally important as anything else.

What a lot of people fail to realize is that a cold email is completely different from an email newsletter.

It should never look or feel like a bulk email that’s been sent to thousands of people, so it shouldn’t have an HTML feel with colorful borders, graphics, and difficult to read.

By keeping an email short, personal, and easy to read, you’re showing that you respect your prospect’s time and not bombarding them with another piece of marketing spam.

It’s also important to keep links directing your prospect outside of the email to a minimum. The goal of a Call To Action is to gain a response or read what you have to say with as least friction as possible.

Not only that, but outside links and large file attachments can massively impact the deliverability of your cold emails. You’ll find that most of your emails will land straight into the spam.

In Conclusion

To find your email tone when cold out reaching to your prospects, you need to:

1) Keep it conversational

2) Make it personal

3) Remember that it is always just one human to another

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